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A Brush with Life - Issue #75 Our Brick-and-Click Gallery Polka

Recently, we were introduced to a new art term “brick-and-click” that refers to galleries that have both a physical space and online access to browse and purchase art. It is kind of like a polka as we switch back and forth between in-person and online - fast! There is nothing like a pandemic to spar
A Brush with Life - Issue #75 Our Brick-and-Click Gallery Polka

Recently, we were introduced to a new art term “brick-and-click” that refers to galleries that have both a physical space and online access to browse and purchase art. It is kind of like a polka as we switch back and forth between in-person and online - fast!

There is nothing like a pandemic to spark innovation and clarify the strengths of diversity, in this case the diversity of being able to view and purchase artwork online. British Columbia currently has “circuit-breaker” requirements, that will be in place until at least April 19, 2021, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and its variants. Travel to and from our island (and in the rest of the province) remains restricted to essential work or medical appointments. This situation is definitely challenging on small local businesses who rely on part of their revue and growth coming from tourism traffic, such as the Terrill Welch Gallery. However, like the whole of this past year, we will weight our activities heavily towards encouraging online browsing and purchasing. This is the “click” part of our “brick-and-click” capacity.

If you are also wondering how you can help, besides adding paintings to your art collection, (and you feel up to it), share this newsletter and ask people who are interested to subscribe and also “follow” the gallery and individual artists in Artsy. This will definitely help offset some of the impact of losing walk-in visitors to our physical gallery during the pandemic. The Terrill Welch Gallery is, so far, still humming along nicely. However, as our serious fans and art collectors, we would still rollover-and-over like a silly puppy for your support. There we have said it!

Thank you as always to those of you who already do all of these things, including purchasing original art and reproductions. Your support is noticed and deeply appreciated... along with your quick brick-and-click switching polka skills.😉

What Has Sold

Sold - “Plum Blossom Afternoon” by Terrill Welch

After I had gathered up the plein air gear and plunked it down on the small island in the middle of the Japanese Garden and painted, it was nice to see this quick sketch be whisked away to a new home days later. The painting has arrived safely and is hanging on the wall with artwork by other well known B.C. artists. Special thanks to the art collector who had the perfect place for “Plum Blossom Afternoon”.

New Release of Small Plein Air Painting

These small plein air gems bring so much pleasure to both the painter standing with the sea and to the collectors who find room in their home. Here is the latest off of Terrill Welch’s easel.

Terrill Welch plein air painting at Reef Bay on Mayne Island
“A Swish of Sea” by Terrill Welch

Terrill Welch | A Swish of Sea (2021) | Available for Sale | Artsy

Available for sale from Terrill Welch Gallery, Terrill Welch, A Swish of Sea (2021), Acrylic on gessobord, 8 × 10 in

There are other small works available in Terrill Welch’s collection of “Acrylic Painting Sketches” at....

Art by Terrill Welch | Artwork Archive

View the full portfolio of artwork from Terrill Welch

Introducing Elena Maslova-Levin

Elena Maslova-Levin

We have a new artist, Elena Maslova-Levin, joining the gallery from Fremont, California for an online exclusive solo show “Promise of California Greens” that will be announced in the next issue of “A Brush with life”. For now, we would simply like to tell you a little more about her work and painting practice.

“Gaia (Self) Portrait (Coyote Hills” by Elena Maslova-Levin

Elena Maslova-Levin | Gaia (Self) Portrait (Coyote Hills) (2016) | Available for Sale | Artsy

Available for sale from Terrill Welch Gallery, Elena Maslova-Levin, Gaia (Self) Portrait (Coyote Hills) (2016), Oil on canvas, 24 × 36 in

In her oil paintings and virtual “synergistic seeing experiences” (which bring together insights from painting, poetry, and philosophy to deepen our understanding of art — and ourselves), Elena Maslova-Levin explores the synergistic potential present in the evolving unified field of art (across time, space, and genres), as an eons-long collective inquiry into reality and human experience. Each painting emerges from a spark of synergy between a specific visual experience of one individual artist and the universal stream of painting insights and discoveries of all artists; she describes her painting process as simply “lending” her eyes and painting mastery to this stream.

“Rain and Sun (Chabot park)” by Elena Maslova-Levin

Elena Maslova-Levin | Rain and Sun (Chabot park) (2011) | Available for Sale | Artsy

Available for sale from Terrill Welch Gallery, Elena Maslova-Levin, Rain and Sun (Chabot park) (2011), Oil on canvas panel, 20 × 16 in

Born and raised in St.Petersburg, Russia, she has been living in California since 2000. Till 2005, she worked primarily as a linguist, studying the endangered languages of Siberia, linguistic diversity and language universals.

Her largest ongoing series is “Sonnets in Colour”, a translation of Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets into the language colour and imagery drawn both from her visual experiences and from the history of art. However, it is her specific relationship to the landscape that we have invited her to share with us during this solo exhibition. Elena has chosen fourteen paintings from her overall body of work for this show and we are sure you will be intrigued with our interview in the next issue that delves deeper into the underlying influences behind these paintings.

Stay tuned as there is more to coming over the weeks ahead!

Show Feature: Swamp Spruce Stem

In amongst the trees “Swamp Spruce Stem” by Annerose Georgeson, a 12 x 24 inch acrylic on canvas painting.

“Swamp Spruce Stem” by Annerose Georgeson

Artist notes: I spend a lot of time walking in the bush, among trees, getting twigs in my hair.

More information about this painting is available in our online gallery by clicking on the link below…

Annerose Georgeson | Swamp Spruce Stem (2012 ) | Available for Sale | Artsy

Available for sale from Terrill Welch Gallery, Annerose Georgeson, Swamp Spruce Stem  (2012 ), Acrylic on canvas, 12 × 24 in

This work is showing in the Terrill Welch Gallery’s current two artist online exclusive show “Between Branches - our being with trees” that is up until April 21, 2021...

Between Branches - our being with trees | Artsy

Discover where the work and stories of Canadian landscape painters, Annerose Georgeson and Terrill Welch, meet and where they diverge from within their own unique forests and experiences.

From Around the Island

It is springtime on Mayne Island and our walks offer much abundance. So these are for you, a Mayne Island spring bouquet of landscapes...

A Slow Quiet Sunrise by Terrill Welch
Reef Bay with a Calm Sea at Reef Bay by Terrill Welch
Morning Sun and Sea Through the Trees by Terrill Welch
Good Morning From Mayne Island by Terrill Welch
The Garden Bell with Plum Blossoms by Terrill Welch
Morning Light in the Japanese Garden by Terrill Welch
Japanese Garden Framed by Plum Blossoms by Terrill Welch
Morning Sun Reaching into the Japanese Garden by Terrill Welch
The Wood Cutter’s View by Terrill Welch
Textures and Shapes in the Evening Spring Light by Terrill Welch
Good Afternoon from Bennett Bay by Terrill Welch

There you have it! Take in the fragrance and texture of these March days as April now greets us with full force.

What I Am Reading

The line of grace or spiral and the paintings of Hilma af Klimt are not new. In fact, this article itself is a couple of years old. Yet, I have been captivated by the crisp freshness and warmth of af Klimt’s work. Born in 1862, and asking that her art not be exhibited until 20 years after her death in 1944, she was an intriguing human being and painter. I thought you might enjoy this article as much as I did...

Hilma af Klint: Visualizing the Spirit World | by Jason Forrest | Nightingale | Medium

The art world has been knocked off its feet by Hilma af Klint. Shaken by a completely unknown woman artist who, 69 years after her death, challenges the historic timeline and authorship of abstract…

What I am Watching

Most of you know that I grew up in rural British Columbia and even now I live on a small island on the southwest coast of Canada that recently received a rural designation, though it is far less isolated than my childhood. My connections to the land and forests, and nature in general, run deep. These connections are my most constant companions. Nature is one of my first intimate and longest lasting relationships. The land is where I most often go to seek support, advice or share a problem. After that, then come my special people. After time in nature, I can organize some thoughts for sharing and sorted out whatever else I might need. This could be for my painting practice or in any other aspect of my life. My most trusted confidants are trees and the sea. So when I came across a video featuring the life and wisdom of Cathy Winter in South Africa, I exhaled into her frank conversations with the interviewer. I have chosen one of several short videos that are created by Green Renaissance and crowd funded through Patreon. These snippets of life and learning may seem intimately familiar to some of you and like a foreign aberration to others. I offer them because they are deeply moving and inspiring to me. As always, take what is useful and let go of the rest. This one “Be Like Water” is the first short film I watched and my favourite...

Be Like Water

This pandemic hasn't been easy for any of us.  It has been terrifying and exhausting.  It has been a time defined by loss – of freedom, opportunities and liv...

There are other short films, presented both simply and with care on Cathy Winter’s website. I will share this link as well so you can either go there and watch all the videos in one place or follow up after watching “Be Like Water”. Cathy’s bio is polished, not into words, but into every levelling phrase of her voice, into the movement of her shoulders, into the arm wrapped around one of her dogs and into the direct snap of her expressions. Enjoy!

Cathy Winter - Conversations and Podcasts

Conversations and Podcasts

Until Next Time!

Happy Easter weekend!

Be safe and find some time to turn your face towards the sun.

With loving kindness,

Terrill 👩‍🎨🎨❤️

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